About ABA Adapted Apparel

ABA ADAPTED APPAREL is made at Glam’N’Style Fashions in Cheltenham, Victoria. Glam’N’Style commenced in 2009 making women’s  smart-casual wear and special-needs- apparel for women afflicted with extreme morbid obesity  and women’s  wheel-chair fashions in all sizes.

ABA ADAPTED APPAREL has been made at Glam’N’Style since 2012, and includes the current range of Split-Back adaptive apparel for men and women in sizes XS-10X.

ABA Adapted Apparel Ergonomic SplitFront-Split Back apparel was created in 2013. The ergonomic apparel is designed for easier dressing and undressing of non ambulatory patients and high care patients in aged care facilities. Available in Ladies nightie,  singlet, no-button blouse, tunic, dress. Men’s night shirt, singlet, pullover.  In sizes XS- bariatric 10X.

The  apparel range is design patented and is currently  unavailable  at other suppliers or distributors.

Why should Carers use Ergonomic SplitFront-SplitBack apparel?

Ergonomic SplitFront-SplitBack  apparel makes ‘no-lift-dressing’ achievable.  Patients can be dressed or undressed in either a seated or fully supine position, as such this apparel aids the dressing & undressing of non ambulatory patients. The ergonomic design of the apparel virtually eliminates the necessity for the patient to physically contribute to the dressing procedure.  When used as instructed, the ergonomically designed apparel significantly reduces the need for the carer to bend their neck and back and arms in awkward sustained postures whilst performing the dressing or undressing for patients. Thus the  ergonomically designed apparel makes the tasks of dressing and undressing non ambulatory and high care patients a much less physically challenging task for the carers performing those duties, and thereby reduces the risks of stress,  physical fatigue and MSD for the carers assigned to those repetitive duties.

How to dress a patient with Ergonomic SplitFront-SplitBack apparel.

(1)Carer stands directly in front of the seated patient, or, carer stands as close as is possible by the side of the supine patient.  Apparel should be placed conveniently on the patient’s lap.

(2)Carer will put the patient’s hands inside the sleeves of the apparel, then move the sleeves up the patient’s arms as far as possible; up to the patient’s underarms.

(3) Carer will adjust the apparel comfortably on the patient’s shoulders before raising the apparel over the patient’s head; the patient is now dressed and there is no need to tuck the apparel underneath the patient as it will hang into place when a patient stands.

How to undress a patient from Ergonomic SplitFront-SplitBack apparel.

Carer will first ensure that the patient is not sitting on the apparel before raising the garment over the patient’s head and pulling the apparel in a forwards movement down the patient’s arms.

Further advantages of the Ergonomic SplitFront-SplitBack apparel.

The openings on the front and the back of the ergonomic apparel serve to allow carers direct access to their patient from the patient’s front and back torso to the patient’s  lower abdominal region without  undressing  the  patient.  This is ideal for attending to stoma bags, sponge bathing the patient, toileting the patient, medical examinations, physiotherapy, radiation treatment, etcetera, and it also means that the carer does not need to disrobe and re-dress the patient as frequently.  Patients also appreciate the comfort and practicality of  the ErgonomicSplitFront-SpliBack  apparel.

MADE  IN  AUSTRALIA  to keep jobs in Australia.

*Traditional split-back/open back Gowns,Tanktops, Pullover- tops also available in ABA Adapted Apparel.