ABA Adapted Apparel F.A.Q's

Q/ Can I return products?
A/  Only  if the merchandise  is imperfect, or, if we have sent an incorrect item. We will cover the cost of returning such goods
Q/  Will  you exchange products for another colour or size?
A/  If  items are returned within 7 days in as-new condition  we will do an exchange, but we will not cover the ‘return-costs’ or the delivery costs pertaining to exchanged goods.

Q/ Why don’t you use natural fibre fabrics?
A/ Natural fibres are prone to continual shrinking. We use either polyester or poly/cotton stretch fabrics as they have a greater resistance to shrinking in thermal laundering. Polyester garments are commonly worn in nursing homes, and thus presumed suitable to wear in air conditioned rooms.  However, anyone with any intolerance to synthetics should only wear natural fibres.

Q/ What is the difference between ABA Adaptive Apparel and other brands of adaptive/assistive apparel with split back openings?
A/ The big difference is our lovely fabrics and the feminine style for our women’s blouses and capes. Plus, ABA Adapted Apparel is thermal-treated to ensure the apparel resists shrinking when laundered at high temperature in commercial laundries, and, all of our apparel is Anchor Stitched TM for extra durability.

Q/ Why are your prices a little higher than other brands of adaptive apparel?
A/ Our  apparel is made by Australian workers rather than a sweatshop labour force in Asia, so our prices need to cover Aussie wage rates.

Q/  Do you have a retail outlet in Melbourne?
A/   Yes. our  Aged Care Clothing showroom is open to the general public for Sales and Inquiries every  Friday between 10am-6pm.   ** * Closed for lunch 2pm - 3.30pm. *** Closed Public Holidays.

We are located at – Shop 12, Station Road, Cheltenham.     Mobile phone- 0401-653-968