Adaptive Clothing for Men & Women

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Available in traditional Split-Back style, or the new *Spit Back-Split Front design

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Bariatric-Size Hospital Gown

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“Created in 2009, our bariatric-clothing won the 2009 (Vic) Small Business Champion Awards”
The garments are designed to comfortably fit individuals afflicted with extreme weight gain. Available in traditional split-back design.

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Adaptable Gown

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The gown can be opened along the perimeter seams, allowing localised access for physiotherapy, changing bandages, attending to catheters, etcetera, without need to disrobe the patient.
The gown has a split-back which is fully lapped for modesty. Metal closures may be changed for plastic closures or hook and loop tape if required. (The type of closures determine the cost of the garment) UNISEX style Grey Marle colour.

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Extended Sleeve Gown

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Designed for maximum comfort. UNISEX style.
Generous armholes taper to very comfortable sleeves for unrestricted comfort. Ideal for individuals afflicted with lymphoedema of an upper limb. Ideal for bedridden persons. It has a fully lapped split-back for modesty.

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